About Us

Corporate Experience

Grid Logistics’s corporate capabilities have been developed over decades of experience by their principals, both domestically and internationally, with a focus on the natural gas and power industries


Grid Logistics has been involved in LNG project developments for decades. Grid Logistics developed Due Diligence Reports for Trinidad, Nigeria and Norway in their market assessments of their LNG export projects and provided the market research and expert testimony for the Lake Charles LNG regas terminal. More recently, Grid Logistics assisted Canadian, Mexican, US, European and Asian project developers in siting LNG import terminals on the East Coast and the Gulf Coast, providing alternative sites and technologies that both reduced costs and augmented revenues. These assessments included innovative transportation logistics that broadened the siting options for markets with greater netbacks for the importers. Additionally, Grid Logistics crafted contract and pricing provisions that lowered the financial exposure of the importers to market fluctuations.

World Energy Markets

In the international market arena, Grid Logistics provided the economic and international market expertise to a major European gas buyer in their successful renegotiation of the pricing provision in their Russian gas supply contract, has prepared the market and regulatory reports for the construction of a major pipeline export project to the US, conducted market and locational studies of LNG re-gasification terminals to determine the supplier’s economic opportunity, and assisted European industrial buyers in developing contract terms for direct purchases of gas production.